We need your head

We are trying to spread awareness about this initiative. We made a documentary film, launched a campaign, and wrote an open letter to our politicians on behalf of the parents, demanding improvements in quality and availability of social services. But now we need you.

Sign the petition to help children of the full moon

When there was no public debate about autism, families were living their private tragedies alone. The stories of some children born shortly after the velvet revolution are quite chilling, as you can see for yourself in our documentary.

This is why we need the world to know about our situation. We need the politicians, who have the power to change it, to know that it’s not only us — that the society cares about solving this problem and improving social solidarity in our country. Autism is a disorder that can affect any child. It could be a baby being born right now. Lots of people are affected by it, and medical research is still very far from the discovery of a cure for this condition. The future of people with this disorder depends on how well we can take care of them.

You can help too. Join us in publicly announcing that we know about this problem. That we don’t want people with autism to be pushed to the fringes of society. That we want them to be able to live happy and fulfilling lives. This is very hard within the current system.

We started a petition for better social services, and we want to collect as many signatures as we can. The more people join us, the greater our chance for success will be. Together, we can “break the wall with our heads”, and give our children a chance to save their heads for more pleasant activities.

Sign the petition

If you would like to make a donation as well, send us an email.

  • Native Americans call them “divine messengers”, and their place in the tribe corresponds with that: they are revered, protected and respected. They say that by caring for them, they are learning about themselves, the world, and our life in it. Let's not drive them away, let's not close our doors, nor our eyes. In our chaotic modern life, we need them more than ever. Let's take a break from time to time, and slow down in time with them.

    Eva Holubová / actress