Who are we_

We are an association of parents who want a good and dignified life for our diseased children. And we would like to live a good life ourselves, but support for people with autism and other mental handicaps is very poor at the moment. We want to change this.
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What do we want_

We want a social system that can support even those with the greatest needs. A system that doesn’t reject clients with challenging behavior, but helps them. We want affordable assistants, a chance to rest, and a safe home for our children when they grow up.
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We need your head

Our children sometimes bang their heads against a wall out of desperation. We can’t cure them, but we are certain that they can live a happier life. Help us break the wall of indifference and change the social system so that it helps everyone who needs it.

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  • Native Americans call them “divine messengers”, and their place in the tribe corresponds with that: they are revered, protected and respected. They say that by caring for them, they are learning about themselves, the world, and our life in it. Let's not drive them away, let's not close our doors, nor our eyes. In our chaotic modern life, we need them more than ever. Let's take a break from time to time, and slow down in time with them.

    Eva Holubová / actress